What is ReactHQ?

Equiping a new generation of techies in Africa

ReactHQ is a fast growing company with an innovative, self paced training program. We help individuals make a smooth transition from their previous career into tech. From trainings, to incubation to helping you land your first tech job anywhere in the world, ReactHQ is ready to help every step of the way.

Brand Statement

We help bright and motivated Africans take the giant transition into tech through our immersive training programs, providing them with needed skills to become highly sought after techies.


Brand Mission

Helping more Africans improve their quality and standard of living through a seamless transition into tech. This we'll do by utilising tech as a tool to reinvent the pattern of wealth and income distribution in Africa.

Our Why

We want to build Africa’s technological workforce that will lead in the world of innovation.
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Our How

Connecting non-tech career personnels with the right skills and tools needed to help them make the switch from non-tech jobs to careers in tech; and in turn providing companies with highly skilled individuals that they need to power their workforce.

Where we come in

Helping People Find Their Path: A big part of being happy in life is finding the right job for you. At ReactHQ, we help people find theirs. We can help you find your next tech dream job. We work with companies all over the world to recruit software developers. Because our focus is on technical ability and not just experience, we have a proven track record of helping talented people make a smooth transition from their previous careers into tech. .