Course Details:

Demonstrate proficiency in using spreadsheets and utilizing Excel to perform a variety of data analysis tasks like data wrangling and data mining.

Create various charts and plots in Excel & work with IBM Cognos Analytics to build dashboards. Visualize data using Python libraries like Matplotlib.

Develop working knowledge of Python language for analyzing data using Python libraries like Pandas and Numpy, and invoke APIs and Web Services.

Describe data ecosystem and Compose queries to access data in cloud databases using SQL and Python from Jupyter notebooks.

What you will learn:

Microsoft Excel

Python Programming

Data Analysis

Data Visualization (DataViz)


Pivot Table

IBM Cognos Analytics

Project Management Using Agile Methodologies

Business Management, it’s twists and turns.

Week 1 : Introduction to Python for Data Analysis

Week 2 : Introduction Python programming language

Week 3 : Power Pivot

Week 4 : Power Query

Week 5 : Data Model

Week 6 : Data Analysis with Powe Bi

Week 7 : Visualizations

Week 8 : Data Analytics with Tableau

Week 9 : Project Management in One Week

Week 10: Managing Tableau Worksheets

Week 11: Outernship

Week 12 :Business Management in a Nutshell

Week 13 : Final Group Project Presentation and Graduation

Course Overview:

Duration 13 Weeks (Plus 13 weeks optional internship).

Location Ikeja, Lagos

Mode Hybrid(Online/Onground)

Experience Intermediate

Includes Tablue, Microsoft Excel, Pivot Table

Certificate Options (You can decide to graduate with any of these): Certificate of Completion. Diploma Certificate. B.Sc Certificate.

Other certificates you'll get: Project Management Certificate, Business Management Certificate.

Job placement after graduation: Guaranteed

Important Information to Note:

This program is designed for students who have gone past the intermediate level. If you are a beginner, please sign up for our free classes here.

If you at an intermediate level, please signup here.

Tuition Cost & Tuition support

110,000 NGN