Devops Engineering

Course Details:

Learn essential Linux & Unix to efficiently manage applications from the command line. Meet the basics of source code management with Git and Github. Also, go over the pillars of DevOps like Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment, the paradigm shift in systems management with Infrastructure as Code and the creation of containers to assure the CI/CD pipeline.

What you will learn:

Implementation of DevOps concepts.

Code version management with industry standards.

Container technology

Project Management Using Agile Methodologies

Business Management, it’s twists and turns.

Week 1 : Introduction to Devops Engineering

Week 2-3 : Cloud Computing

Week 4 : Docker

Week 5-6 : Kubernetes

Week 7 : Mini Project/ Assessment

Week 8 : Software Version Control

Week 9 : Databases

Week 10 : Infrastructure as a code

Week 11 : Terraform with AWS for Devops

Week 12: Terraform with Azure for DevOps

Week 13 : Continuous Delivery/ Continuous Integration

Week 14 : DevSecOps for building secure Continuous Delivery Pipelins

Week 15: Azure DevOps

Week 16 : 2nd Project

Week 17 : Kubernetes Cluster

Week 18: Jekins

Week 19 : Ansible

Week 20: Project Management in one week

Week 21 : Business Management in a Nutshell

Week 22 : Final Group Project

Week 23 : Final Portfolio Project Presentation and Graduation

Course Overview:

Duration: 23 Weeks (plus 13 weeks optional internship).

Location: Ikeja, Lagos

Mode: Hybrid(Online/Onground)

Experience: Intermediate

Includes: Azure, Kubernetes, Version Control, Cloud computing

Certificate Options (You can decide to graduate with any of these): Certificate of Completion. Diploma Certificate. B.Sc Certificate.

Other certificates you'll get: Project Management Certificate, Business Management Certificate.

Job placement after graduation: Guaranteed

Important Information to Note:

This program is designed for students at the Intermediate level. If you are a total beginner, please sign up for our free classes here

Tuition Cost & Tuition support

110,000 NGN