Course Details:

There are over 2 million websites and growing. The only mobile and web apps that do well are ones which are well designed both in terms of user interface and user experience. That's why it is so important to learn the design skills that will make your mobile and web app stand out in a crowd. The UI/UX Design Course is great for people with absolutely no design experience or experienced designers who want to get up to speed quickly with UI/UX.
We'll introduce you to the art of making beautiful interfaces. We'll explore key UI and UX concepts that are essential to building good looking and easy to use mobile and web apps that are loved by users.

The course has a practical component that takes you step-by-step through the workflow of a professional UI designer. From user flow diagrams to wireframing to mockups and prototypes. Students completing the course will have the knowledge to create beautiful and lovable interfaces that leave people with a smile on their face.

What you will learn:

Principles of Design


User flow design


Introduction to Product Design

User Interface Design

Prototyping a Mobile and Web Design

User & Product Testing


Project Management Using Agile Methodologies

Business Management, it’s twists and turns.

Week 1 : User Experience (UX) Design

Week 2 : User and product testing

Week 3 : User Interaction

Week 4 : UI/UX Portfolio Project I

Week 5 : User Management

Week 6 : UI/UX Portfolio project II

Week 7 : Project Management in a Nutshell

Week 8 : User Experience(UX) Design

Week 9 : Career Week

Week 10 : Final UI/UX Group Project

Week 11 : Demo Day/Graduation

Course Overview:

Duration: 11 Weeks (Plus 6 weeks optional internship)

Location: Ikeja, Lagos

Mode: Hybrid(Online/Onground)

Experience: Intermediate

Includes: Product Design, Ui/UX, Figma, Adobe XD

Certificate Options (You can decide to graduate with any of these): Certificate of Completion. Diploma Certificate. B.Sc Certificate.

Other certificates you'll get: Project Management Certificate, Business Management Certificate.

Job placement after graduation: Guaranteed

Important Information to Note:

This program is designed for students who have gone past the intermediate level. If you are a beginner, please sign up for our free classes here.

If you at an intermediate level, please signup here.

Tuition Cost & Tuition support

110,000 NGN