What we do

Out there we know there are the creative spirits, the independent thinkers, the underdogs, the resolute, the indefatigable, the fighters, and the true believers. These are the kind of students we work with. They are extremely rare.

Learn By Doing, Learn By Trying
Learn by putting everything into practice. At React, there are no formal lectures or graded exams. Instead by your side are Mentors who are 100% invested in your learning process. Our approach is 100% “learn by doing”, meaning that, from day one, you’ll be learning what it takes to excel in your field. No Theories, practicals only!

And when you're done, you get a worldwide recognized diploma certificate from a UK University.

The ReAct lifecycle


The first step will be to plan your day. For this, each morning you will have a "stand up meeting" with your mentor in which you will outline the key activities of the day.


Once the tasks have been defined, it's time to get to work. At ReactHQ you learn by doing, executing each task in test-error mode and always with the personalised support of your mentor.


One of the most important stages in the learning process is carrying out "reviews", which are meetings that you will have with your mentor or your entire clique periodically throughout the program. In these reviews, you will receive tips on how to polish your initial submissions and be able to finish the task on time, with the best possible result.


Based on the feedback received, you must implement the relevant improvements. This fourth and last step, the iteration, is vital to improving the first version of the task and be able to deliver the website, app, or your analytical project, with the highest possible quality.


Our learning environment allows you to grow. We will encourage you to form amazing ideas and concepts that will make the society much better. Don't worry, we’ve got your back.

Every now and then, reactors with amazing ideas are admitted into our incubation program - Spaces.

At Spaces, we give you enough room and tools to grow that amazing idea of yours. You will also get exposed to funding and investors who are interested in helping you turn your ideas to products that will solve real life problems.

The Spaces program is open to only ReActors for now.

Corporate Offerings


Talent Supply Chain Management

ReactHQ analyses your company’s needs real fast and connects you to the right talent fit. We build our own talent pool and choose only the top 1% of the 1%. Our team is on standby to help you build the smartest, most cohesive team of software engineers, designers, project managers etc.

Corporate Training

In an environment where knowledge and technology are constantly growing and evolving, training and development are key factors in organizational success. Smart companies like yours trust us with the digital transformation of their team.

Increase your organization’s employee retention by up to 13 months with technical upskilling.


We are building the largest network of innovative minds through our reactors. Our community is where you’ll find some of the brightest, smartest folks around and you get to be part of that community. Everyone here has a Clique.


As part of a growing tech community, we organize periodic meetups and hangouts. We want to build a community where growth is key. At these hangouts, Reactors (and non reactors) meet, rub minds, chat and have fun. This event is open to anyone.

Get notified on meetups

Receive mail alerts on upcoming meetups.


You’re bad? Come show it. Our hackathons are designed to help you hone the skills needed to become a world class developer, designer and engineer.